Lets face it- we are constantly  flooded with choices, and we understand that the number of options can get overwhelming having spent countless hours browsing listings ourselves and posting constantly on craigslist and facebook, which can get annoying. People, however, move every second, minute, day, week, month and year and struggle to find affordable temporary or permanent living situations with people they get along with. I mean let's face it- despite all the technology around us, it is still harder than ever to connect with one another or find an affordable and amazing apartment.

We at Lets-Sub want to make it as easy, safe and personalized to find or fill your room by allowing personalized filters, easy messaging capabilities, an interactive feed, and many new features to come so you can find sublets with a simple swipe. We cut out the brokers and try to make it cheap and hassle-free to fill and find a new room or roommate. So Let's Sub, and change subletting for the future!

No, Lets-Sub is merely a connection platform for people with empty rooms or apartments and those looking to fill them- this could be for roommates, leases, short term stays, and long term stays. We are always exploring and adding new features as we continue to build our Lets-Sub community so stay tuned for some exciting announcements. If you do have suggestions we appreciate you emailing us at feedback@letssub.com or call us!

Lets-sub puts safety first. We try our best to verify all listings and encourage everyone to never send payments, credit card information, or other personal data to anyone you have not met in-person or at least spoken to. We live in a world where it is hard to distinguish who is real and who is fake. We at Lets-Sub are continuously aiming to make our platform as safe an environment as possible, including adding tenant screenings and increased verification in the future. Please always use common sense and understand that Lets-Sub does not endorse or accept liability for any actions as we are merely a connection platform.

Lets-Sub currently does not restrict based on city, state, or location but we are headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Our application uses your current location to geographically pinpoint what listings best suit you using our proprietary matching algorithm based on your profile, interests, mutual friends, price preferences and location.
While we recognize that not every city or country may have listings as this moment, we currently believe that limiting Lets-Sub's subletting marketplace to just a few places would be unfair- however we are open to suggestions.

Lets-Sub is extremely new and as with all good things, it takes lots and lots of time and energy to grow. We encourage you to help us grow and share our service so people don't have to just rely on craiglist or word of mouth. Do not get discouraged as we appreciate you trying our platform- just know we are constantly striving to create real listings and good things take time!

Email us at support@letssub.com or sublets@letssub.com. We will send you some swag to give out. Also please invite your friends via the app's invite friends screen- we will hold numerous campaigns and contests to win cool gift cards, including free vacations, gas cards, shirts, movies- you name it! We are ultimately building a subletting community both via app and web and and will host numerous events in your area. If you would like to host an event just email us at any of our emails or on our Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter accounts.

Not currently, but soon! Lets-Sub's amazing and passionate team is currently testing a web and Android application that allows you to have all and more of the functionalities that the app has including tenant screenings, rent payments, featured postings, and an intuitive map functionality. However, right now we are iOS exclusive so start swiping and we will update you along the way.

What money? Currently Lets-Sub is 100% free for both Subletters and Listers as we want to make sure you are happy with us and help us change subletting for the future, making it as simple as a single swipe!

Any individual is welcome to submit a listing as long as you are real, however we encourage you to make sure you have written consent from your landlord regarding the allowment of subletting at your home or apartment. This responsibility is on you as Lets-Sub is merely a way of connecting you.

We are NOT currently allowing any apartment complexes or real estate brokers to post on our platform as there are many other options for that- Lets-Sub ultimately wants to give individuals looking for a roommate, sublet/subletter a new, reliable, affordable and easy alternative for subletting apartments whether it be for a few weeks or a few months.

No! We only provide a general area to ensure privacy- however, upon messaging we encourage you to arrange a meetup or phone conversation in a mutual public location like a coffee shop or public park to get to know one another before giving out your address. Remember- safety first!

Technically yes, but we firmly believe here that this should be a tool to help you easily find sublets and sublets for yourself, however we have had people find excellent roommates using our platform as well so we have allowed multiple listings for the time being. However, this could change.

Yes, we are currently working on creating unique URLs for every listing as we know the more exposure you have to fill your room the better.

Simply go to the logo icon in the center of the app and click the left hand corner and select "My Listings". This should allow you to add, delete, and edit the content of your listing.

Simply swipe left to delete your listing. Please note that once you do this you will have to create a new listing with new content.

We try very hard to verify our listings and keep them up to date by including the date when listing was posted, and automatically deleting listings within 3 weeks of posting. However, things happen and scams can unfortunately slip through the cracks- if this happens we appreciate you reporting them at support@letssub.com.

REMEMBER: Never submit any form of payment until you have either seen the room or have communicated with the subletter multiple times via our platform or in person.

We try to verify listings as soon as possible and we are working on a new verification method. If you have any difficulties please contact support@letssub.com and with the subject line "Waiting on Approval".

All listings expire within 21 days of posting to guarantee that our listings are up to date, as sometimes people do not unlist even when they have found a subletter or roommate.

Of course, as well as by amenities, location, date, type, etc.

Sometimes swiping can get exhausting so we created the feed to let you see who has or is looking for what, as well as to make your experience more social and as easy as possible.

Currently there is feature that posts based on when you add a new listing or search something specific. However, you have to enable this feature by clicking "publicly share my search".

Anyone is currently welcome to post on the Feed, but we are currently only allowing text- so no funny photos or articles, please. Please use common sense and report any misuse or inappropriate posts to support@letssub.com as we reserve the right to delete, or discontinue allowing posting at anytime per our Terms and Conditions.

Do not do anything before you have communicated multiple times with the subletter via our platform, in-person or over the phone. Even so, never give out your bank account and routing number or any passwords. Please use precaution and never send payments without looking through the apartment's sublet policy and signing a written contract. We hope to make this process safer by offering both sublet and subletter screenings in the future.

While Lets-Sub makes every effort to verify everyone and avoid scams, things happen. Always communicate or report any red flags, as we rely heavily on our users to help us monitor our platform. If you see anything fishy, please report it to support@letssub.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Never a bad idea if you can!  At the very least, definitely communicate via our messaging system first, and pick a public place like a coffee shop or frozen yogurt joint to meet up.  Always see the listing- meet any potential roommates, have some nice conversations, and make sure the landlord allows sublets before signing any sort of commitment letter or sending any form of payment whether via the app (in the future) or in person via Venmo, Paypal, or check.

While we do not restrict this, use common sense and message them via our platform to test the waters.

Never send payments unless in the future we start offering a verified service to ensure that everyone is happy. If someone does try asking you to send payments please immediately report them at support@letssub.com.
Questions regarding Subletters

While we try to make sure all users are real, we encourage users to check out their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, and message them to make sure.

While we do not tell users not to communicate off the platform, we prefer that you use our messaging system within the app and enable notifications.

Yes please report any alarming or inappropriate behavior to support@letssub.com and we will respond as quickly as possible to conduct an investigation.

We use Facebook as a verification tool- although we will never post without your permission, we will use your profile photo and help make connections using mutual friends, interests and what your descriptions are. Connecting via Facebook makes building your profile a breeze. You can edit all the information on your profile as much or as little as you want.

Just go to "Profile" within the app and click "Edit Profile".

Remember to exercise patience- all it takes is one, however, you can always share your listing on other sources for now as we are still building our user base. We welcome your help in us growing.

Right now we are just signing you in as we want to make it as easy for you to use the Lets-Sub platform as possible.

Some people do not continuously check the app, but we try sending emails and reminders to encourage them to at least respond whether or not it seems like the right fit.

Lets-Sub assumes zero responsibility in our Terms and Conditions regarding the ability for listings to definitely be able to be subletted. Make sure you either meet the landlord or get a letter in writing that states the landlord knows of or approves that a subletter will be living in your/their apartment.

After you have found a sublet, we advise you to discuss payment options, lease agreements, and whatever else you would like to make you feel comfortable. Remember- it is always good to get things in writing. We will provide resources- just email us at support@letssub.com or jeremy@letssub.com

The Equal Housing Policy helps to eliminate discriminatory actions- remember to never judge a book by its cover- give everyone a chance. Also- it's the law! Make sure to read the Equal Housing section on our website or within the app.

NO- definitely not! Lets-Sub is merely a tool to help with your search and we will never sell any personal information for solicitation. We may use search data to create data assessments, however, regarding typical trends in your area. Please review our Terms and Conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy on the following links